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Civil Society Sustainability by Developing Percentage Philanthropy in Ukraine

(The analytical document is trying to answer the question: is it possible today for Ukrainian Civil Society Organizations to consider sustainability as a condition in tomorrow. If so, what can be done within the current circumstances to ensure this positive answer. The analysis can be divided into two parts: in first the researcher analyses the current funding legislation and structures in under which NGOs operate, also emphasizes the trends in political, social and economical environment. Second part describes the possibility to introduce the percentage law (“percentage philanthropy” in which taxpayers may designate certain amount of their income tax paid to state budget for a specific CSO) as a mean for citizens to support effective CSOs. This law may serve as a support for sustainability planning of the local NGOs. )

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Georgia CSO Assessment Report 2002-2003

(The aim of the report is to provide a detailed description of the capacities and relations of the most active segment of Georgia’s NGO sector. The research studied 189 NGOs from fifteen cities in nine regions of Georgia, exploring eight dimensions of capacity: 1) fields of activity, 2) external relations, 3) structural development, 4) operational process, 5) mission and strategy, 6) logistical base, 7) financial resources 8) human resource management. It constituted one of the first activities undertaken by the Citizens Advocate! Program (CAP) with support from the US Agency for International Development (USAID). CAP aims to improve the capacity of CSOs and to create an enabling environment so that CSOs can promote citizen interests and effectively advocate their cause. )

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ICNL Analysis of Georgian NGO Legislation

(The International Center for Not-for-Profit Law (“ICNL”) in the report provides its analysis of the legislation of the Republic of Georgia affecting non-entrepreneurial organizations (NEO’s) with respect to its compliance with international law and good practices. This Analysis has been prepared as a part of Citizens Advocate! Program (CAP).)

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Monitoring of Poverty Reduction Strategy Implementation_Moldova

(“The Moldovan Government has managed to realize some essential provisions in the Economic Growth and Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (EGPRSP), but has sustained failure in a number of other, no least important spheres” - says the Report of the Coalition for Rural Economic Development uniting non-governmental organizations focusing on problems faced by the State and the farm sector. The Report offers recommendations to 3 categories of participants in subsequent Strategy implementation stages - for the Moldovan Government, donor organizations, and civil society. )

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Professional Needs Assessment Conclusions_Union of Lawyers of Moldova

(This document provides analysis and conclusions on the results of the research. Conclusions sorted in 9 categories starting from the issues of the legal profession and legislation on the legal profession - to the issue citizens rights protection. )

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Professional Needs Assessment Report_Union of Lawyers of Moldova

(This report from a sociologic research conducted by the “CIVIS” Center for Analysis and Sociologic, Political and Psychological Researches for ABA/CEELI. The purpose of this research is to assess the Moldovan lawyers’ opinions on their professional needs. The research was conducted in January 2002, among 760 Moldovan Lawyers. )

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Research into social enterprise in Ukraine

(The research determines possible ways of grant / loan intervention of Eurasia Foundation in development of effective social enterprises, in combination with information, advice, technical and other support; develops indicators of quantitative and qualitative success for further evaluation of grant program of Eurasia Foundation; give description and analysis of risks, connected with realization of possible grant / loan intervention, and ways of decreasing them. )

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