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Research Network 1989

Relevant till: 29.01.2007

Call For Participation in RESEARCH NETWORK 1989

Towards 2009, the 20th anniversary of 1989, a global window of attention opens. While particularly in Central and Eastern Europe participants, observers and academics will be recording their interpretations, 1989 was also a global and world-historical event. 1989 happened in Central and Eastern Europe, but it did so too in China or Western Europe, in
East Asia or North America. The end of that which has been called the East-West divide, Cold War, Soviet empire, communist party rule, state socialism and so on, is world historically significant, as is the social and cultural transformation that ensued. 1989 was a watershed for events which came in its aftermath: a new geopolitical configuration, the rise of China and India, European Union enlargement, trans-national economics and changing values on both sides of the Berlin Wall. Yet, cultural, economic, legal, political and social interpretations are intertwined with the flow of history and are themselves subject to appropriation and revision by actors. 'Before' and 'after' 1989 are thus inextricably linked.
The Research Network 1989 has the following aims:
1. To investigate the global, historical and contemporary changes associated with the year 1989, particularly in a trans-national and comparative perspective.
2. To provide a meeting ground for the post-1989 generation of EastWest scholars who typically have received scholarships and prizes to 'go East', 'go West' and 'go around the world'.
3. To intellectually prepare the coming 20th anniversary in 2009.

RN 1989 members are recruited worldwide, from disciplines in the social sciences and humanities: anthropology, cultural studies, economics, history, law, management, political science and sociology. The RN 1989 has a trans-national, interdisciplinary and comparative agenda. Associates typically are assistant professors, post-docs and advanced
PhD researchers. A copy of the research and network policy is available from the website:

The website offers further information on
1. The trans-national and interdisciplinary working groups that constitute the core of the Research Network 1989;
2. Themes of the RN 1989 such as professional development, digital instrumentation and the open access working paper series;
3. A listing of all Associates, the Steering Committee and the Advisory Board;
4. The results of the Opening Plenary and the planned activities and events 2007-2010 (available by 30 January 2007).
5. Ways to join the RN 1989 by submitting a working group proposal or, else, an individual working paper proposal: