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Database resource persons on human rights-based approach

Author: Ludmila Ungureanu
Relevant till: 25.04.2008

Database resource persons on human rights-based approach - Equalinrights is currently developing a database of resource persons that spans across the breadth of human rights-based strategies and the use of upstream human rights efforts to make rights real. This follows from evidence that many diverse organisations, ranging from grassroots development organisations, national human rights NGOs and international development agencies are struggling to find high level, reliable resource persons to support them in training, strategy development, ongoing consultancy support and general advice. Equalinrights is thus looking for people with a range of experiences, motivated to support the realisation of human rights, strengthen civil society and build the global coalition against poverty and neo-liberal domination. For further details, see . (Source: E-CIVICUS 20 March 2006, ISSUE No. 283)