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Network of Central Asia organizations

Main website tasks:

  • Strengthen legal movements in the region;
  • Development of cooperation and networks between legal protection organizations of Central Asia (Kyrgyzstan, Tadjikistan, Uzbekistan);
  • Increase information exchanges on the problems of legal protection in the region;
  • Organize systematic learning opportunities for representatives of legal organizations in the region, including through international and regional schools, for increasing knowledge on international standards and mechanisms for its protection;
  • Increase legal awareness and importance of international documents on Human Rights in Central Asia region.

Action Without Borders (former Contact Center Network)

20,000 nongovernmental organizations in 140 countries, which can be browsed or previewed based on name, location, and objective.

Internet Resources for Non-profit Public Service Organizations

A guide which will teach how to find the necessary information on noncommercial organizations which offer public services through the Internet.

Nonprofit Resources Catalogue

This portal - is the private project of Internet catalogs which could be useful for nonprofit organizations, and to those whoare interested in increasing their knowledge horizon.

Virtual Library on International Development

A collection of links on international development resources in the Internet.

America's Development Foundation

The website works on democracy in five directions: the development of the institute for nongovernmental organizations, civil society education, human rights, support for the development of a legal state, and local self-government.

Arminco Global Telecommunications

ARMINCO, was founded in 1992, and is a unique informational source for the Government, educational and commercial institutions. Among the clients of ARMINCO are: the National Assembly, Mother See of Holy Echmiadzin, the UN office in Armenia, and the Security Council (previously known as KGB). ARMINCO Global Telecommunications was the first ISP which created the online armenian community, from Armenia and abroad. At the present moment it supports the online presence of a number of businesses, governmental, noncommercial organizations, and individuals.

regional network of NGOs from Eurasia and Baltic countries

The NGO/UNICEF Regional Network for Children in Central and Eastern Europe, Commonwealth of Independent States and Baltic States (RNC) is a regional organization founded by national networks for childrens rights in 28 countries of the region, UNICEF regional office for CEE/CIS, sub-regional network SEECRAN, Save the Children, SOS-Kinderdorf International, Every Child and International Federation of Social Workers, which are all dedicated to promoting and protecting the rights of children. The RNC was founded in Sarajevo in June 2002. The RNC has its small Secretariat in Baku.


Fund for the development of NGOs from Russia

The fund for the development of NGOs from Russia "NGO School" - is the largest resource center of Russia. It offers complex consulting support to organizations which promote community initiatives. The main task of the school is to offer key capacities on legal, financial, and organizational issues, and to create frameworks for communication and further development of nonprofit organizations in the country.

NGO Web Sites

Offers links to nongovernmental organizations from Russia.


Website of nongovernmental organizations from Kazakhstan

The tasks of the website are to:

  • strengthen and broaden relationships between nongovernmental, governmental, international organizations and business structures, giving it a systematic structure
  • participate to the informational exchange between NGOs and government on donor projects, in particular funded by the state, international, and local organizations;
  • conduct Internet-conferences, round-tables, and discussions focused on social sphere questions;
  • offer informational support to NGOs and mass media representatives;
  • participate in drafting laws;
  • conduct regular monitoring and evaluation of NGOs, and their relationships with government and other structures.

Kazakhstan legal portal

Kazakhstan Law


A Belarus Miscellany

Offers information about Belarus, including a list of nongovernmental organizations.


Human rights advocacy center from Central Asia

The center was created to offer:

  • protection and promotion of public interests on enforcing human rights in Kyrgyzstan in accordance with the norms of national and international law;
  • strengthened connections and cooperation, mutual support between organizations forking in human rights, and intra-sectoral relationships between all structures, participate at improving informational exchanges between nongovernmental organizations in the legal sector;
  • systematic training opportunities for representatives of nongovernmental organizations in the region, including international and regional training schools.

Infromational resource about donor activity in the republic of Kyrgyzstan is a common initiative of partners on development and improved informational exchanges and cooperation between donors and government in Kyrgyzstan.


NGO Forum of Azerbaijan

The NNF provides counseling services to numerous national and international organizations involved in civil society development. The NNFs ultimate objective is not only to serve to advance civil society in Azerbaijan but will also further democratization and development of the nation as a whole in partnership with all the stake-holders with the same objectives and/or mandate.

Resource for Azerbaijan NGOs

Search engine for Azerbaijan NGOs


Public Internet Portal - informational and technical web resource for the "third sector"

The portal includes informational, educational, library, and communication resources for Ukrainian and international organizations. It offers the opportunities for NGOs to use the Internet for efficient cooperation with potential donor organizations, partners, and colleagues. The portal includes news, links to NGOs, a virtual library, forum, projects, and hosting services.

Western Ukraine resource center

Virtual resource center

The Virtual Resource Center project was created for Ukrainian NGOs.

Resource centers league

Brama - about Ukraine

A large variety of informational resources for Ukrainina NGOs (public, governmental, educational, journalistic, etc.).

"Gurt" resource center

We work to stimulate active citizens participation in community life.
We provide professional information, training and organizational support to civic associations and charitable organizations, local governments, business entities and mass media.
We create opportunities for self-realization of every individual as social responsible citizen in the society.
We value creativity and initiative. Our work is based on the principles of good governance, non-partisanship, transparency and effective partnership.

Informational portal of Ukrainian NGOs

Human rights web resources:

Human Rights Website

South East European Child Rights Action Network (SEECRAN)

UN Portal of Ukraine

Special UN Session on Child Rights

Information on the status of children in Ukraine

Regional network of NGOs from Eurasia and the Baltic states

Child rights Information Network

Euronet: European Childrens Network

European Fund for Child Welfare

Internet resource on Human Rights

Save the Children


South East Europe Stability Pact

United Nations Development Programme


UNICEF Research center Innocenti

UNICEF: The Voice of Youth

Human Rights Watch

Special Rapporteur on violence against women


Helsinki Committee

UN Refugee Agency

Center of Interactive Resources "Children House"