Organizational Development Tools

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Building Effective Website, Guide

(Usually the NGOs contract the IT companies for web-design purposes. But in order to formulate an appropriate TOR - it worth it to read the 42 pages of the Building Effective Website Guide, which was written by Adam Shannon for nonprofit organizations. The Guide surveys the entire process of building an effective site, from planning to evaluation; and the process illustrated by the detailed case study. Understanding of the web-site development process will help to save precious time and money, but mainly create a new, effective online presence. Language: English. Author: Adam Shannon.)

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Fundraising FAQ

(Frequently asked questions with the answers are presented in the table format. The questions are rather general and basic, and mainly about cooperation between organizations in the course of the project, taxes and payments for experts and staff from the grant budget, changes to the budget after it is approved by the donor, etc)

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Organizational Development Self-Assessment Tool, Handbook

(The Handbook is proposing preparatory materials on organizational development self-assessment as glossary, assessment forms on financial sustainability, governance, programs and services of the organizations, human resources, management, PR. The agenda of the self-assessment workshop, a brief facilitation primer, templates for organizational development plan and for self-assessment report will help dedicated leaders to successfully undertake the self-assessment initiative even if it is a new process for the organization)

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Strategic Planning in Nonprofit_Planning Model

(The Strategic Planning Manual is a detailed plan which will take the nonprofit and public sector organizations through the process of preparation and development of the strategic plan. The authors divide this process into 7 steps: information gathering and analysis, identification of critical issues facing the organization, development of a strategic vision statement that sets future direction for the organization, mission statement revision, development of strategic goals, formulation of strategies for each goal, preparation for operational planning based on the strategic plan (developing annual objectives). )

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Strategic Thinking and Planning of Implementation

(Strategic thinking and implementation planning - is a working manual, which will help organization to go through the strategic planning process. The manual consists practical tools as questionnaires, assessment grids and budget charts, which - if the organization will learn to use these effectively will allow the NGO to develop strategic approach in program design, budget framework, realistic assessment of its operational capacity, and evaluation of programs. )

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Tools for Policy Impact, Handbook

(Tools for Policy Impact is a handbook for researchers who work with think tank organizations. This handbook addresses various factors that need to be considered in the research process, and provides a comprehensive selection of tools that can be used when attempting to turn research into policy influence. )

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