Country/Context Assessments

RADAs status of a think and do tank organization allows us to provide high quality research services to organizations going through strategic planning processes, proposal writing and other major developments which require assessment of the context, sector or stakeholder needs. In conducting commissioned research, RADA is guided by several key approaches. The first approach is practical applicability. We keep in mind that assessments are meant to inform current and future programs, and align all assessment conclusions and distilled priorities with this expectation for practical application. The second approach is participation. RADAs philosophy is that voices of all key stakeholders should be heard. Participatory approaches and inclusiveness play a key role in our selection of the employed research methodology. Third approach is research objectivity and accuracy. We assure objectivity of the research findings by using triangulation at every stage of data collection and analysis.

  • Example of recent RADA assessment: Belarus context analysis commission by Forum Syd and funded by the Swedish International Development Agency.